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3444 Naamans Rd.

Wilmington, DE 19810-1064

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Calendar Sales to Benefit Renee's Rescues

$198   70 -100 lashes per eye 2 hours  (first set of fills included)

$90     45-60 lashes per eye 95 minutes recommended every 3-

            4 weeks

$49     15-25 lashes per eye 75 minutes recommended every 2-  


Quality facials for your skin Facials for smoother skin Relaxing facial

Get the beautiful complexion and skin you've always wanted with a facial!

Our incredible beauty experts are here to serve you!

Our team is here to make your beauty wishes come true. One thing we all want is to have glowing and gorgeous skin. Our two options for a facial are guaranteed to make you love your skin. Come see us and we'll get you the dewy complexion you've always wanted.


Choose from one of our two amazing options:

- A Natural Difference Facial for                  $85

- Red Carpet Oxygen Facial for                   $95


Have a consultation and then relax with amazing service!

Our mission is to give you a relaxing experience in a casual and friendly environment while making your beauty dreams come true. Our experienced staff are here to help you get the skin you've dreamed of while giving you an escape from your hectic schedule. Go back to your life revitalized while looking and feeling amazing!


Facial Offering

With 20 years of experience in formulating the science of skincare as nature intended, you can be certain that you are getting the most advanced product available in the marketplace today. . The choices include chirally correct, fruit enzyme, and glycolic acid polymers. Your skin care specialist can recommend which is best for your skin type and also advice you on the frequent of use.

Your skin changes throughout the seasons of each year.  We have designed seasonal products using nourishing berry, fruit and vegetable extracts scientifically formulated to help your skin maintain moisture and new growth during each season.