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Fusion Salon

Safe Color is a Beautiful Experience

There are a lot of concerns about coloring hair and the effects that hair dye has on our bodies, and rightfully so. Our scalp, which is part of the epidermis and part of the largest organ of the body, absorbs everything we put on it, making what we use to color our hair very important.

There are different classifications of hair color:

  • BOX HAIR DYE – This hair dye can be purchased at a local drug store, and is considered older hair coloring technology. These dyes have higher concentrations of ammonia and paraphenylenediamine, or PPD, a pigment in 70% of all hair dyes. The ammonia and PPD combined with artificial fragrances can cause increased levels of irritants.
  • BEAUTY STORE SUPPLY HAIR DYE – This is the hair dye that is purchased at a beauty store, and is made for public convenience. This type of hair dye is also considered older technology, which means that professional, progressive hair salons have moved beyond these products.
  • ONLINE HAIR COLOR COMPANIES – This hair dye is slightly better than box hair dye and beauty store supply hair dye, as far as the chemical composition; however, it still contains irritants. These products claim to be ammonia and PPD-free, but have replaced PPD with Para Toluene Diamine (PTD), which is a derivative of PPD, and can cause the same adverse reactions.
  • PROFESSIONAL HAIR DYE PRODUCTS – This hair dye is specifically chosen by colorists educated in formulation, application, and timing. Professional colorists are aware of the compounds in hair dye and know how much manufacturers are really putting into the dye they use. In Fusion Salon’s color line, Affinage, the ammonia levels are below what other companies market as “ammonia-free.” Affinage contains only 3% ammonia, which is further diluted when mixed with a creme developer. It is not until 5% that ammonia is considered to be a potential irritant. To put this into perspective, 5% is like smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, and 1% is like standing outside next to someone smoking. Affinage has patented DATEM+technology, which encapsulates the oxygen and PPD and sends it into the hair strand. This allows for both lower amounts of PPD and lower ammonia content.

When it comes to hair color don’t be alarmed, but it’s best to play it safe and trust your hair color to the professionals.

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