I have nothing but great things to say about Fusion Salon. After being turned away from so many salons months before my wedding, I felt like all hope was lost and I honestly stopped looking. My Maid of Honor found Lindsey & the rest of her team at Fusion about 6 weeks before my wedding when stress was at a all time high. Believe it or not, Oct 13th was the ONE day they didn’t already have a wedding booked! It felt like fate!! They were so eager to work with me and my 8 girls! Dawne is seriously a hair magician! She did everything in her power to get my naturally pin straight hair to hold a curl. Our wedding was Saturday, by Monday my hair was STILL curled! Marissa had such a great personality, we clicked very well which doesn’t always happen with my shy introvert self! When she was done with my makeup, I didn’t even recognize myself! Thank you all so much for everything!!! I felt so beautiful the day of my wedding and will never forget that!!!!! TL;DR: Don’t second guess yourself, book Fusion for your wedding party. I promise, from one stressed out bride to another- you won’t be sorry!