A wide range of choices for all of your makeup needs

Professional Makeup for Any Occasion

At Fusion Salon, we believe that looking beautiful is a right, not a privilege. That’s why we offer a myriad of makeup services to meet all your changing needs. Have a formal occasion where you want to “wow” your friends and family? We can help you with that! Want to look amazing with some special effects makeup? Gotcha covered! Do you want to learn how to apply makeup yourself without needing a professional? We can help you there, too. Our makeup applicable will be so beautiful, you won't want to wash it off! 

For those with a busy schedule or cosmetics allergies, we offer custom permanent makeup and eyelash treatments.

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Special Events Makeup | $85

From casual day looks to dramatic night makeup, one of the artists from our team can do it all. Both brides-to-be and prom queens can come to have their looks transformed with a touch of lipstick or a dramatic smokey eye by one of the expert technicians. But these beauty experts aren’t stingy with their expertise; they also teach cosmetic lessons to anyone who wants to learn how to perfect their daily makeup routine.

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Book today with one of our amazing makeup artists, Bryanna Sciavicco and Medeira Becker.  

Special Effects Makeup | $120

We use makeup to beautify and enhance our features but we also use it to create scary or magical looks. However, special effects makeup isn't just for Hollywood! We can create out of this world looks for you. From zombies to characters, we do it all for your next convention, Halloween party, photoshoot, or film.  

Makeup artists, Mediera Becker is Fusion Salon’s resident special effects guru. 

Makeup Application Classes

Let’s be honest – our makeup can have a huge impact on how we look and feel. For many people, it's a daily ritual that makes us feel put together once done. After all, the perfect smokey eye and shade of lipstick are enough to boost anyone's confidence, right?   

On the flip side, most of us are not makeup artists! We totally get your frustration. For those who need a little help mastering the best techniques to complement skin tone and facial features, we can help. Fusion Salon offers makeup classes for teens and adults. Our expert makeup artists will teach you how to pick the best colors and techniques for your skin tone and facial structure. Whether you're interested in learning the latest makeup trends or more subtle applications, we can teach you.  

Class Participants: Please bring all your beauty regime supplies to your class. Using your own products, our makeup artist will show you which cosmetic products are most flattering to your skin tone and teach you the best application techniques with them. 

Learning how to do makeup can be overwhelming. What is my skin tone? Which foundation color is best? What brushes do I use? Trying to learn the best makeup application techniques can take years to master. However, we have a better solution! Our Girls’ Class is a fantastic way to introduce you to lifelong makeup skills and techniques.  

Our class ensures you'll be confident about how to apply your makeup in a way that enhances your natural beauty. You will learn all about skincare, tools, and application for the daytime, plus special occasion makeup applications.  

We strive to make booking convenient for you.
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Save Time with Permanent Makeup

We all have our morning routine. Maybe it starts with a cup of coffee or washing your face. For many of us, our daily routine includes makeup. It can be as simple as just mascara or as complex as applying a full face.  

However, we often don't have time to apply the makeup we want to or hate the hassle. After all, in the midst of our busy lives, who can be bothered with eyeliner? That's why Fusion Salon offers permanent makeup for eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip liner/shading.   

The benefits of permanent makeup are endless. Say goodbye to waking up earlier to do your makeup. You'll wake up with the hard work already done. Permanent makeup is time saving and looks professional. It's also a great alternative to those with sensitivities to cosmetics or medical conditions.  

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Eyelash Tint & Curl

Eyelash Tint | $27

Who doesn't love Audrey Hepburn's iconic lashes? However, it can be hard to achieve her famous Bambi-eyes look. This is especially true if you have blonde or lighter colored eyelashes. 

Our Lash Stuff Eyelash Tint is specially designed to provide a long-lasting vibrant color on your eyelashes. With eyelash tinting, you'll achieve the look of wearing mascara without having to apply makeup daily. Eyelash tinting lasts from 3-5 weeks. 

Eyelash Tinting Benefits: 

  • If your lashes are naturally blonde, tinting your lashes will create a more dramatic look for your eyes. 
  • Have perfect eyelashes 24/7! With tinted lashes, you wake up looking like you already have makeup on – a great option for women who have busy or active lifestyles. 
  • Eyelash tinting will give you a more polished, coiffed look that is also no-maintenance. 

Eyelash Perm | $77

Perming straight eyelashes to encourage a gentle curl will give them instant length and create the illusion of bigger and brighter eyes. The Lash Stuff Lash Lift is the newest and most innovative way to perform a lash perm. 

Eyelash perm treatments last for 6-8 weeks. 

Perm Benefits: 

  • Saves you precious time and money  by not having to buy expensive eyelash curlers and mascara anymore. 
  • Lashes will look thicker, longer, and softer without any effort on your side. It also revives your lashes and makes them look naturally expressive. 
  • Permed eyelashes are the perfect fix if you’re experiencing drooping eyelids. 
  • Great fix for pin-straight lashes that point downward.  

*Price includes perming and tinting of eyelashes


Additional Beauty Services

There's nothing like treating yourself to a full day at the beauty salon. As a full-service beauty salon, we have plenty of additional services for you to take advantage of. From skin care to makeup, you'll be immersed on a day of pampering.

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